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Experts call for pause on AI training citing risks to humanity

Over a thousand people, including professors and AI developers, have co-signed an open letter to all artificial intelligence labs, calling them to pause the development and training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4 for at least six months. The letter is signed by those in the field of AI development and technology, including Elon […]

Trojanized Tor browsers target Russians with crypto-stealing malware

A surge of trojanized Tor Browser installers targets Russians and Eastern Europeans with clipboard-hijacking malware that steals infected users’ cryptocurrency transactions. Kaspersky analysts warn that while this attack is not new or particularly creative, it’s still effective and prevalent, infecting many users worldwide. While these malicious Tor installers target countries worldwide, Kaspersky says that most […]

Windows 11 KB5023774 update causes Red Dead Redemption 2 launch issues

Microsoft is investigating a known issue triggered by the KB5023774 March 2023 preview update and causing Red Dead Redemption 2 to stop opening on some devices. This issue affects only users who launch the game via the Rockstar Games Launcher on Windows 11 21H2 systems where the was installed. “After installing KB5023774 or later updates, […]

WiFi protocol flaw allows attackers to hijack network traffic

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a fundamental security flaw in the design of the IEEE 802.11 WiFi protocol standard, allowing attackers to trick access points into leaking network frames in plaintext form. WiFi frames are data containers consisting of a header, data payload, and trailer, which include information such as the source and destination MAC address, control, […]

Windows 11 KB5023778 update adds promotions to the Start menu

Microsoft has released the optional March 2023 non-security preview update for Windows 11 with a search box that matches the current color scheme and a new feature the company describes as “notifications for Microsoft accounts.” Th  also has many improvements and bug fixes with the list, including new Microsoft Defender for Endpoint features and a […]

Microsoft brings GPT-4-powered Security Copilot to incident response

[embedded content] Microsoft today announced Security Copilot, a new ChatGPT-like assistant powered by artificial intelligence that takes advantage of Microsoft’s threat intelligence footprint to make faster decisions during incident response and to help with threat hunting and security reporting. “Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI-powered security analysis tool that enables analysts to respond to threats […]

Crown Resorts confirms ransom demand after GoAnywhere breach

Crown Resorts, Australia’s largest gambling and entertainment company, has confirmed that it suffered a data breach after its GoAnywhere secure file-sharing server was breached using a zero-day vulnerability. The Blackstone-owned company has an annual revenue that surpasses $8 billion and operates complexes in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Macau, and London. This data breach was conducted by […]

Newly exposed APT43 hacking group targeting US orgs since 2018

A new North Korean hacking group has been revealed to be targeting government organizations, academics, and think tanks in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea for the past five years. The moderately-sophisticated threat actor is tracked as ‘APT43’ and is seen engaging in espionage and financially-motivated cybercrime operations that help fund its activities. […]

The End-User Password Mistakes Putting Your Organization at Risk

Businesses rely on their end-users, but those same users often don’t follow the best security practices.  Without the right password security policies, a single end-user password mistake can be a costly breach of your organization’s defenses. End-users want to do their work quickly and efficiently. Password prompts can be seen as a nuisance, and users […]

Latitude Financial data breach now impacts 14 million customers

Australian loan giant Latitude Financial Services (Latitude) is warning customers that its data breach is much more significant than initially stated, taking the number of affected individuals from 328,000 to 14 million. Australian loan giant Latitude Financial Services (Latitude) has released an updated data breach notification warning customers that the breach is much more significant […]