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How To Track Location – SS7 attack

Positioning Enhancement During Location observation is most likely one of the attacks on SS7 network. A petition subscriber’s location is determined by SS7 networks. The answer also includes the individuality of the base station. Each base station addresses an area with its own coordinates. Due to density, the policy area in a metropolis can range […]

Types of SS7 Attacks

Three types of SS7 attacks are the most common: SMS Home Routing Bypass Positioning Enhancement during Location Tracking Invisible Interception of Short Messages SMS Household Routing Bypass If they make mistakes, a malefactor could easily skip protection procedures. Specialists believe that if they have performed SMS Household Routing Alternative, and set up center gear to […]

How SS7 Protocol is Used in Hacking?


Hackers are misusing the SS7 protocol for cyber attacks. Malware attacks are more frequently used by hackers in Germany, as has been informed by the various news articles. Hackers are exploiting the bank accounts, passwords, account balance, and logins information by these cyber-attacks. Moreover, they became able to redirect the bank message alerts for transaction […]

SS7 Service Updates

09.09.2022 Scheduled Maintenance patch for Brazil operators: Claro Brasil and OI. Services will be unavailable for these networks until 10.09.2022. 01.09.2022 Scheduled Maintenance patch for Canada operators: Telus, Bell and Rogers. Services will be unavailable for these networks until 02.09.2022. 18.02.2021 Added new plan: SMS Intercept 30 days plan 24.01.2021 New shop added 14.12.2020 December […]