Reddit is down in major outage blocking access to web, mobile apps

Reddit is investigating a major outage that is blocking users worldwide from accessing the social network’s website and mobile apps.

Users are now seeing “Our CDN was unable to reach our servers” and “All of our servers are busy right now. Please try again in a minute.” errors.

Some Reddit users are also seeing the website loading partially with “Sorry we couldn’t load posts for this page.”

According to its official status page, Reddit confirmed that its website and apps are currently down, and its engineers looking into the root cause of this outage.

“Reddit is currently offline. We’re working to identify the issue,” the company in an incident report published 21 minutes ago at 12:18 PDT.

According to the outage monitoring platform, tens of thousands have already reported experiencing app, website, and server connection issues.

While Reddit is yet to pinpoint the cause of these connection issues, errors seen by affected users currently seem to suggest ongoing CDN configuration issues.

Recently, the social network was also affected by an almost 4-hour-long partial outage on February 10 that led to a and for desktop users.

Five days later, on February 15, Reddit was also blocking access to the home feed and “preventing comments, awards and karma from displaying or processing correctly” for roughly 30 minutes.

Reddit outage

Update March 14, 15:57 EDT: Reddit has confirmed that an internal systems issue is behind this ongoing outage.