Riot Games hack, delay game patches due to security breach

Riot Games is the publisher and videogame developer behind League of Legends, Valorant and Valorant. It has announced that it will not release game patches until its environment for development was restored.

LA-based game publisher, Game Publishers Inc. disclosed the matter in a Twitter thread Friday night. He promised to keep his customers informed of any developments.

The company stated that “earlier this week, systems within our development environment were compromised by a social engineering attack.”

We don’t know all the details right now but wanted to let you know that we have no evidence of player data or any personal information being obtained.

Riot Games stated that Riot Games was unable to post patches for their games because of the breach.

This has caused us to be unable to publish content temporarily. Riot Games stated that while our teams work hard to find a solution, this will impact the upcoming patch cycle across multiple games.

On Friday, the League of Legends multiplayer online battle arena (LoL), and Teamfight Tactics auto-battler games (TFT) confirmed that the incident occurred.

In addition, the tweets acknowledged that there may be delays in implementing changes to the game as well as towards the release of the next major update.

This could impact the delivery date of Patch 13.2. “This may impact our delivery date for Patch 13.2,” the League team .

We’ll be keeping you informed as we go through the process.

The TFT team .

Andrei van Roon (head of League Studio) stated that there would not be any changes to the LoL Patch 13.2 release plan.

We might have to relocate things that aren’t possible to be fixed (e.g. van Roon that art modifications may be made at a later time.

After 2K Games (another major publisher of video games), stated , that their help desk had been hacked in order to infect its customers with malware.

2K sent users an email a month later to inform them that their data had been stolen. following the September security breach.

BleepingComputer reached out to Riot Games earlier today but a spokesperson for the company was unavailable.