Microsoft investigates bug behind unresponsive Windows Start Menu

Microsoft is currently investigating a problem that causes the Windows Taskbar and Start menu to be unresponsive. This can cause Outlook and Teams login issues.

BleepingComputer has been informed by Windows administrators that users are reporting problems not being able see the Windows Start Menu, that they cannot launch modern apps and that the Windows Search function is not working.

Other users have reported having issues logging into Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), in order to activate Office 365 apps.

Similar problems have occurred in the past too with Microsoft MVP Rudy Ooms them June 2022 using the ClickShare app (a tool which helps to share a Windows screen wirelessly). This caused User Shell Folders registry permissions to be corrupted.

Microsoft issued a statement two years later, acknowledging that it had broken permissions and caused unresponsiveness as well as connection problems.

Redmonds explained to Ooms that while this appeared initially to be an issue in the third party app, it is now Microsoft code (profapi.dll), which seems to break the permissions and thinks they must be recovered.

“This may occur when an x32 third-party process (like ClickShare) uses Office APIs on a machine where Office is deployed using Office ClickToRun, because of a bug in AppvIsvSubsystem32.dll registry hooks.

Profapi.dll may recover the ACLs in this instance, but it will not write all the All Application PackagesACLs after the second failure. This causes issues with packaged apps (crashes and registration failures).

To fix registry permissions that are corrupt, use this script

Barco, ClickShare’s developer, has today updated the July 2022 advisory to include a Diagnostic PowerShell script from Microsoft Support. This will allow users affected to fix corrupted User Shell Folders registry permissions.

, “Even though the app isn’t causing the problem we still want our ClickShare App customers to have a solution.”

“In most cases it has been possible to recover by using the recovery tool from Microsoft: the recovery tool FixUserShellFolderPermissions.”

You can download the script from the located at the bottom of the Barco’s most recent advisory.

If you are still having trouble after the helper script runs, disable Calendar Integration from ClickShare’s settings dialog.

The company stated that they would like to provide more information about a dedicated APP version (4.25.2), in order to stop the problem from occurring and offer a solution.

Issue under investigation

Although Microsoft has not yet acknowledged the issue, Barco stated that Redmond’s Windows Team is looking into it. He also advised affected customers to contact Microsoft and file their own report.

Barco stated that although the issue has been resolved by Microsoft Windows, it is still worth contacting them directly to raise this concern.

For ticket submission, please mention “unresponsive task bar or start menu” and reference Microsoft internal bug number 41322218.

BleepingComputer reached out to Microsoft earlier today but was not immediately able to reach a spokesperson.