Bank of America restores missing Zelle transactions

Bank of America is restoring missing Zelle transactions from customers’ accounts. This caused some customers to go into negative reserves.

At approximately 7:01 AM ET, the outage started. Customers of BoA suddenly discovered that their accounts balances were lower after recent Zelle transactions vanished.

This resulted in reports about from customers who had their Zelle transactions lost.

Reported outages at Bank of America on DownDetector

Source: DownDetector

Shortly thereafter, Bank of America sent an alert via their banking app informing customers they were working to restore the Zelle transactions that had been lost.

The BoA banking alert states that “Zelle transactions between January 14th and January 17 could be delayed in happening and posting to accounts, as requested.”

Transfers will occur as quickly as possible and will show up in your account activity. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by any delays.

Alert sent to BoA customers through the banking app


Customers of Bank of America have vented their anger about missing transactions. Some reported that they were forced to withdraw from negative balances.

“Yeah, I’m negative at the moment. All transfers for this week have been lost. I haven’t been able get in touch with customer service since this morning. “This might be my last straw with BofA. I’ll be changing banks,” an unhappy BoA customer .

Help this issue with Zelle is very frustrating especially because you haven’t said anything formal about it. How do I deal with this negative balance What should I do to pay my bill today? Get gas? Any other suggestions? Any??” Another BoA customer posted .

Some customers have reported that Bank of America is restoring some of their lost transactions.

Users are reporting that some transactions have been restored, but not all.

BleepingComputer reached out to Bank of America for information about the outage, but did not receive any response.