Google Chrome allows you to disable extensions on sites or allow them to be enabled

Google has a new feature in development that will allow you to enable or disable Chrome extensions on a site-by-site basis.

Chrome Web Store offers many extensions. But there is a catch: some extensions may cause site problems and other sites won’t allow them.

Chrome currently allows you to disable extension for all websites through the browser’s setting but not extensions that are specific to a site.

However, on Reddit by Leopeva64-2. This is about to change as Google on an extension control feature that allows you to choose whether or not extensions are allowed to be enabled.

Disabling Google Chrome extensions on a site-by-site basis

Source:  Leopeva64-2

The extension menu is the only way to access this feature. It is currently not possible for extensions administrators to control permissions on site-by-site basis through the settings page.

Google has also included . You can use the new extensions menu to disable or enable specific extensions on a site.

Although you can do it from the extension settings, it will be easier to add a custom extension to a site.

Chrome’s extensions menu may not be available for launch in the near future.

BleepingComputer tried to use Chrome Beta’s new feature but it did not work, suggesting that the Chrome Beta beta may only be being used as an A/B testing.