Microsoft tests kernel memory dumps live in Windows 11 Task manager

Microsoft has released a diagnostic tool for Windows 11 to allow you to create kernel memory dumps live without affecting the Windows operation.

Live kernel dumps are snapshots of kernel memory taken at time of dump. These files can then be saved to a file. This file can be used by developers to identify bugs or performance problems in the operating system.

This type of memory dump is advantageous because it does not require an OS to be taken offline. It can also be performed while the OS is still running.

The traditional bug test causes the computer to reset and disrupts the user’s ability to work. In a , Microsoft explains that kernel live dumps are used to collect data and troubleshoot an unusual situation while allowing the OS to operate as usual.

This reduces downtime compared with a bug-check for non-fatal but high-impact failures or hangs.

Live kernel dumps for Windows 11 are now available

Microsoft added an innovative feature to Task Manager that allows you to create kernel memory dumps from Windows 11 Preview build 25176 .

You can create a live kernel dump in the most recent build by visiting the Details page of Task Manager and right-clicking the System process. The “Create a live kernel dump file” option will be selected.

The Full Live kernel and Kernel stack memory dumps will be captured. This can be used to diagnose bugs or performance problems that Microsoft calls “abnormal”, but won’t stop Windows running.

Creating a Live Kernel Dump from Windows 11 Task Manager

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft claims it will only roll out this feature to selected users. It is not available for all users at the moment.

Microsoft has been updating the Windows 11 Task Manager with frequent updates. The app now features a brand new design based upon Fluent UI/WinUI. Additionally, the company added a search bar.

Task Manager also has a brand new interface. Options like “Processes and Performance”, App History, Startup app history, Users, Details and Services” are now available on the new menu.

Although it is not clear when the updated Task Manager will be available to retail customers, the “Moments” updates could make this happen sooner rather than later. These update bring new features and capabilities as they become available.