Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is out of support after 90 days

Microsoft today warned its customers that Exchange Server 2013 would reach extended end-of support (EOS), 90 days after now on April 11, 2023.

Exchange Server 2013 was launched in January 2013. It has already over four years, which is April 2018.

Microsoft will cease providing technical support or bug fixes after the EOS extended date has passed. This could affect the server’s stability and usability.

Starting in April, time zone updates and security upgrades to fix newly discovered vulnerabilities that affect servers running Exchange Server 2013 won’t be available.

“Exchange Server 2013’s functionality will not cease after that date. However, because of the above risks, we recommend you move from Exchange Server 2013 immediately,” Scott Schnoll .

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Upgrading your server or migrating to the cloud

Microsoft suggests upgrading in order to continue receiving security updates and bug fixes for any new flaws.

But, before on servers that are running software rapidly reaching EOS, it is important to ensure your network, clients and hardware comply with the requirements .

Redmond advises administrators to move to the , which is available either as an Office 365 subscription as well as a standalone service.

Schnoll stated that if you are migrating to Exchange Online you may be eligible for our Microsoft FastTrack Service.

FastTrack offers best practices, resources, and tools to help you migrate to Exchange Online. The best part is that you will have an engineer guide you from design and planning to moving your mailbox.

Microsoft provides detailed information on Microsoft 365’s migration options and procedures. Redmond provides assistance to global administrators in helping .

Windows 7 also to address critical and significant vulnerabilities. Windows 8.1 was also released to EOS on the same day.

Microsoft informed Windows administrators earlier this month that extended support for Windows Server 2012 all editions and Windows Server 2012R2 .