Microsoft fixes Windows 11 bug behind 0x800700b7 provisioning errors

Microsoft addressed an issue that caused Windows 11 22H2 to stop provisioning. This left enterprise endpoints with incomplete configurations and failed installation.

The problem was October 2022, when Redmond stated that using provisioning files (.PPKG) to configure endpoints in school or enterprise networks without imaging after installing Windows 11 2022 Update could not work as expected.

The company stated that Windows might be only partially configured and that the Out Of Box Experience could not complete or restart unannounced.

This issue is most likely to affect provisioning packages that were applied at the initial setup.

This issue is not known to affect Windows systems in small offices or homes, as well as devices that have been provisioned with Windows Autopilot.

Microsoft confirmed that the issue was resolved with the preview November 2022 KB5020044 update over the weekend.

The KB5020044 Support document shows that the issue is still under investigation.

Installing Windows 11 provisioning packages (Microsoft)

Also available: Workaround

Windows administrators who are unable to or unwilling to immediately install the preview upgrade can also find a temporary solution. Redmond recommends provisioning end users devices prior to the Windows 11 22H2 update in order to avoid provisioning problems.

Microsoft stated that if you are able to provision your Windows device prior to upgrading Windows 11 version 22H2, it will help prevent issues.

Microsoft also works on a similar issue that prevents applications requiring administrative rights from installing when they are using.PPKG files.

Redmond provided temporary relief on Thursday for a different issue affecting following installation of the November Patch Tuesday updates.

After installing November Windows Server Updates, an out-of-band update (OOB), was released to address . One month later, Microsoft resolved an LSASS memory leak problem that caused .