WhatsApp now offers proxy support that allows you to bypass Internet blockages

WhatsApp users can connect to proxy servers if the Internet is down or their government blocks access to their service.

All users who have the most recent WhatsApp or apps can now access this new proxy support option.

WhatsApp stated that connecting via a proxy will protect the privacy and security of messages as they are encrypted end-to-end.

You and the recipient can read them only. No one else, such as Meta or WhatsApp, has access to their contents.

WhatsApp offers a high level privacy and security to its users. A proxy does not change that. Your calls and messages will be encrypted end-to-end, according to .

If you are unable to connect, only use a proxy. When setting up the proxy in the app, your IP address could be visible to the proxy provider. This isn’t WhatsApp.

WhatsApp proxy settings (BleepingComputer)

After enabling “Storage and data” in the WhatsApp settings, you will need to create a proxy address for Android or iOS.

If you want to keep in touch with your family and friends, even if their internet connection has been disrupted or blocked, set up your own proxy using these instructions .

We hope that the internet shut downs will not occur in 2023. Disruptions like we’ve seen in Iran for months on end

We hope that this solution will help people everywhere there’s a need to secure reliable communications, even if these shut downs occur.

WhatsApp launched for iOS and Android in October 2021. This was to prevent anyone accessing the chat contents from any location.

It also added . This was done December 20, 2121.

After WhatsApp reversed earlier decisions to limit some features and for those who did not agree with the new privacy policy that requires users to share data with Meta companies, these privacy and security enhancements were made.

Meta reports that the platform for instant messaging and video calling is used worldwide by over two billion users from more than 180 countries.