ChatGPT is banned from NYC Schools due to concerns about learning impact

ChatGPT has been banned by the NYC Department of Education for teachers and students in New York City Schools. There are grave concerns that it could hinder learning and lead to misinformation.

first reported the ban, and confirmed that it was imposed by New York City Department of Education. This organization is the US’s largest school district, and others may follow suit.

ChatGPT, a chatbot that is optimized for dialog-format interactions was released by OpenAI on November 20, 222. Chatbots have been disruptive in many disciplines including programming and essay writing .

ChatGPT, an AI-based chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to help users find the right information they are looking for via natural language, is another area AI-based chatbots will revolutionize.

Microsoft is said to be , to provide a competitive edge to Google Search.

NYC Dept. NYC Dept. of Education is concerned about what ChatGPT might transmit to students. This includes the accuracy and safety of the answers. The organization is also concerned that young students may become complacent, and lose the ability to assess information.

Jenna Lyle is the Deputy Press Secretary for NYC Department of Education.

ChatGPT access is limited to New York City Public Schools networks and devices because of concerns over negative effects on student learning as well as safety and accuracy concerns.

The tool can provide answers quickly and easily to your questions but it doesn’t teach critical thinking or problem solving skills that are crucial for academic success and long-term success.

This ban is applicable to internet networks and school devices. Students and teachers can still use ChatGPT, despite being banned by the NYC Dept. Instructions for Education may be completed via personal devices or mobile networks.

It is easy to overlook the problem, and it makes an argument for critics of the actions as being counterproductive. This calls for organizations that embrace new technology to help students learn and explore how they can use it.

A at the University of Texas by Scott Graham shows that A.I. Writing can be a useful pedagogical tool, helping students to develop their writing skills, genre awareness and content revision.

The NYC Department of Education is still concerned about ChatGPT’s accuracy of the information it provides.

ChatGPT last month because they are inaccurate and misleading.