Ukraine closes fraudulent call center that claimed 18,000 victims

While pretending to work in IT security at the banks, a group of fraudsters operating from a Ukrainian call centre defrauded thousands.

The attackers contacted victims and claimed their bank accounts were accessed. They requested financial information, saying it was necessary to stop fraud, but instead they emptied their accounts.

Cyber Police Department, the Main Investigative Department of the National Police and the Prosecutor’s General’s Office discovered the scheme.

Investigators discovered that there were 37 people working at a call centre set up by Dnipro citizens called Kazakhstan citizens. They also pretended to be security personnel for their banks’ IT systems.

The citizens were informed of suspicious transactions. They reassured them that threats actors had accessed their accounts and persuaded them to give financial information in the hope of reversing the transaction.

The perpetrators obtained this information and transferred victims’ cash to their bank accounts, then issued them quick loans. They also sent the amount of the loans to their account.

To collect their money, the scammers made use of offshore banks accounts and crypto wallets. According to investigators, approximately 18,000 Kazakhstani citizens were defrauded of an unknown sum of money.

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Police raids uncovered personal data databases

The call center was also searched by law enforcement officers, who recovered 45 items of equipment and mobile phones as well as SIM cards and draft records.

The cyber-police of Ukraine also found databases that contained personal data of residents of Kazakhstan. These were used by the fraudsters to steal money from accounts.

The Cyber Police Department of the National Police that organizers “encouraged the operators” and charged interest for the amounts they obtained through criminal means.

Although the Ukrainian police stated that they are still investigating, a criminal investigation was opened in accordance with Article 190, Part 3 Fraud of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This case could lead to a maximum of eight years imprisonment.

The National Police of Ukraine (NPU), took down that were used by cybercriminals for targeting victims of crypto scams. This was in the hope of recovering stolen funds.

Ukrainian police arrested 51 people suspected of selling personal data . This includes Ukraine and the U.S.A.