Corsair keyboard bug allows it to type by itself, there is no malware

Corsair confirmed that an issue in K100 keyboard firmware is responsible for previously typed text not being automatically entered into the applications.

After multiple K100 users reported that their keyboards were typing text at random times, the company issued a statement.

The behavior was reported for the first time on the in August 2022. It left people confused and worried that keylogging or malware might be behind it.

Users reporting their experience with K100 on the Corsair forums

One person claimed that they tested the under safe mode in order to eliminate the possibility of malware on Windows. However, random word typing was still observed. This led to the conclusion that the issue could be found in the hardware.

According to ‘s first report, Corsair responded to the concerns by stating that neither their keyboards have keylogging capabilities nor actively monitor what users are typing on them.

Corsair stated to Ars Technica that Corsair keyboards do not record user input and are not capable of logging individual keystrokes.

The keyboard manufacturer claims that the issue is caused by a bug in the . This causes it to accidentally switch on and start recording keystrokes as well as mouse movements. The macros then trigger at a later time, which causes the saved text to become invalid.

Corsair spokeswoman said that the exact source of the bug has yet to be identified and they are working closely with affected users to determine the nature of it.

It is not clear what fix means

The issue is still not fixed by the most recent firmware update available for K100 devices (version 1.1.39) released a few weeks ago.

This latest firmware update has across the keyboard. Some users believe this may be due to the high polling rates.

To stop your K100 keyboard auto-typing text in random times, unplug it and hold down the Esc key for 5 seconds before plugging it back into.

Some users have reported that the factory reset or clearing keyboard memory didn’t stop the problem from returning after some time. Users may need to wait for Corsair’s firmware updates that fix this issue.

Screen sharing or presentations may be compromised if you repeatedly capture inputs. This can cause a disruption in the user’s gaming experience. You may need to change your keyboard until it is fixed.