Microsoft: This month, no optional Windows updates due to the holidays

Microsoft confirmed in December that Windows Update will not offer any optional updates. The software giant is focusing solely on security updates during the holidays.

This means that Windows 10, all supported Windows 11 versions (including Server versions) and Windows 8 will not receive any additional updates during this month.

This does not apply to security updates that were released Tuesday. The tech company’s monthly security rollup is Patch Tuesday.

Due to minimal operation during holidays and the Western New Year, there will not be any non-security preview releases for December 2022. A monthly security release, known as “B”, will be released for December 2022. Microsoft stated that normal monthly service for B and C releases will be resumed in January 2023.”

Microsoft stated that the updates will resume in January. Therefore, there won’t likely be any significant bug fixes in January’s Patch Tuesday update. Patch Tuesday contains security updates as well as the fixes for previous optional updates.

Noting that mandatory updates can cause problems with the operating system, it is important to remember.