Microsoft corrects Windows Taskbar Bug that caused Explorer and Office to freeze

Microsoft claims that Windows 10 update released in September is causing app instability and taskbar flicker problems.

Microsoft added a new issue to its Windows health dashboard Friday, stating that taskbar elements could flicker after installing the September 20th update or later.

Redmond said that restarting affected devices may be able to alleviate instability issues in certain cases, but this is possible only for some systems.

Windows 10 22H2, Windows 1021H2, Windows 1021H2, Windows 1021H1, Windows 10 21H1 and Windows 10 20H2 are the complete affected Windows versions.

This known problem might lead to:

  • On the Windows taskbar, icons or widgets for Weather or News and Interests flicker.
  • Stop responding to the Windows Taskbar
  • Windows Explorer will stop responding
  • Microsoft Word and Excel applications will stop responding when they’re open during the problem.

Microsoft addressed this issue using . This is a Windows capability which reverts non-security Windows updates.

KIR-issued solutions are usually available to all consumers and businesses within 24 hours. Those affected can also restart their computer to expedite the process.

Enterprise group policies

To resolve system instability issues on enterprise-managed devices, IT administrators must configure and install a .

You can find the Group Policy in Computer Configuration > Administrative templates > Windows 10 20H2, 21,H1, 21H2, 22H2 and 22H2 (KB5017380 221207_23451 Preview).

This Rollback Group Policy page for all affected Windows 10 versions.

You must first go to your Domain controller’s Local Computer Policy, or Domain Policy to deploy the Known Issue rollback. Then use the Group Policy Editor and select the Windows version that you wish to target.

Microsoft provides detailed instructions on configuring and deploying KIR Group Policy Policies.

Microsoft released another emergency fix last month via Known Issue Rolleback (KIR), to that was triggering errors, causing desktop and taskbar to disappear from Windows 10 systems.