Hackers leaked personal information allegedly stolen by 5.7M Gemini customers

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange said this week that customers were the victims of phishing attacks after a threat actor obtained their personal data from a third party vendor.

This notification follows multiple postings on hacker forums that BleepingComputer saw offering to sell a Gemini database with email addresses and phone numbers for 5.7 million people.

Secure funds and account information

Gemini’s product security team released a describing an incident that allowed an unnamed vendor to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of some Gemini customers.

Customers of the cryptocurrency exchange were sent phishing email as a result. Although the goal of this attacker is not known, it’s common for threat actors to gain access to financial information and accounts.

Gemini’s brief report explains that its account information systems and data have not been compromised and that customer funds “remain safe.”

Hackers advertise Gemini database

This notification follows multiple postings on a hacker forum offering to buy a Gemini database that contained email addresses and phone numbers for 5.7 million people.

In September, an early attempt was made to monetise the data. Although the author didn’t mention the freshness of the information, he asked for $30 bitcoins (roughly $520,000 at current exchange rates).

Post on hacker forum asking for 30 bitcoins for Gemini database with 5.7 million emails


Another post, published in October under a different pseudonym, claimed that it was September data.

Another post, now banned from the forum, appeared mid-November. It offered databases from several crypto exchanges including one from Gemini, which supposedly contained the same information as the other for the 5.7 million users.

As yet another announcement was posted on an alternative forum, offering free information about the database, it appears none of these attempts at monetizing the data failed.

The post’s author shared the format for the numbers and stated that three of them were missing.

Post allegedly leaking Gemini database with 5.7 million emails and partial phone numbers

source: BleepingComputer

Gemini recommends that customers rely on secure authentication and recommends (2FA), protection, and/or the for access to their accounts.

You can also change the Gemini email address by contacting the company.