Cloudflare now offers Zero Trust to all at-risk groups for no cost

Cloudflare’s ‘Cloudflare One Zero Trust Security Suite’ is now free for public interest groups and election sites as well as state organisations that are part of Project Galileo or the Athenian Project.

Cloudflare offers free cybersecurity services at the enterprise level to activists, journalists, humanitarian groups, minorities, state election officials, as well as Project Galileo.

Cloudflare today announced they will enhance both these offerings with free Cloudflare Zero Trust security products.

Matthew Prince, Cloudflare CEO and co-founder, stated that “Cloudflare” is the sole security provider that guarantees Zero Trust to all those in greatest need. He also mentioned that journalists and other non-profits are the most vulnerable in society and that they have the websites that guarantee fair, trustworthy, and free elections in the United States.

These organizations are constantly under threat and must be protected online in order to accomplish their mission. They will now have the same security infrastructure that Fortune 1000 companies use.

High-risk organisations must be able to verify their connections, and enforce strict control over asset access.

What does the Zero Trust platform do?

The is currently being used by over 10,000 organisations worldwide. It provides a secure, complete internet access management solution.

This platform uses the security strategy of “zero trust” to protect users logged in and validate all digital interactions within protected networks.

Remote employees/users can now use the solution to protect their organization’s assets, whether they are cloud-hosted or local. This allows them to keep track of all traffic and make sure it is authorized for each person and device.

Zero Trust functional diagram


The platform implements various inspection points to verify that only authorized users are granted access to assets. This means even hackers can’t act without permission because they don’t have the ability to trust the system.

Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform also supports DNS inspection and HTTP isolation. This means that many cases of malware and phishing are detected and isolated before they reach endpoints or users.

The platform is able to replace or enhance existing VPN solutions. It can also implement custom privilege access controls that limit connections and uploads beyond a list of authorized destinations.

Cloudflare’s announcement focuses on three main points:

  1. Anti-phishing protection automatically blocks all threats from reaching user mailboxes.
  2. Employees, volunteers, partners and partners have tight control of app and asset access.
  3. Even with untrustworthy WiFi connections, you can still have secure internet access

Cloudflare announced that Zero Trust is now a standard for large companies, however, it has not been able to accommodate smaller businesses due to their smaller IT departments, budgets and lack of resources.

These organizations do not have the security budget or expertise required to stop sophisticated attacks. While advanced security architecture is not possible, it was necessary for their members and employees to be protected and their mission accomplished. – .

If you are a member of this organization, you may apply for the /the to get free access to Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform as well as anti-DDoS services.