Microsoft has added screen recording to Windows 11 Snipping tool

Microsoft has finally added a screen recorder to Windows 11 via the Snipping Tool. This allows users to take videos from their desktops without using any third-party apps.

This update will be made available to Windows Insiders via the Dev Channel as part of a gradual rollout. It will only become available after Snipping Tool version has been installed.

Windows Insiders need to open Windows Explorer and click the Record button at the top.

Dave Grochocki, Windows Inbox Apps principal product manager lead explained that this will allow you to choose and refine which part of the screen to be recorded before beginning your screen recording session.

You can view your recorded before you save it or share with others.

Company is aware that there are known problems which could impact user experience for people who have already accessed this preview feature.

Users might notice a delay in recording beginning from the moment they press the “Start” button. Some users will notice that after beginning a new snip, the Snipping Tool window does not automatically close.

Snipping Tool recording setup (Microsoft)

The Snipping Tool, an “inbox” app that is automatically installed in Windows by default, will be available to all users eventually without the need for additional software.

You can still use the screen recording function in the Snippet Tool if you’re running Windows 11 Developer.

is no longer required for Widgets Board

Redmond announced Friday night that the Windows 11 Widgets Board would still be functional, even though users have not yet signed in to their accounts.

Insiders running Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25262 will see this change.

“In our most recent Widgets update, we have removed the sign-in requirement to the widgets board. It is now available for all users,” Brandon LeBlanc and Amanda Langowski from Microsoft stated.

You can access your personalized dynamic feed, get weather updates from the taskbar and pin widgets to your favourite apps without creating an account.

Microsoft addressed another issue: File Explorer could enter a crash loop when the Widgets package for its app was missing following a Build 25252 upgrade.

Windows Insiders have the ability to browse and search their media library using Media Player 11.2211.34.0.