Rackspace alerts to phishing threats following ransomware attack

Rackspace, a cloud computing company, warned its customers Thursday about increased risk of phishing attacks after a ransomware attack on Microsoft Exchange hosted environments.

The company continues to investigate the incident, and it is still working to bring affected systems back online. However, the company warns that cybercriminals could also profit from the incident for their own ends.

Do not respond to messages from people you don’t know. Rackspace advised that you log in to your control panel, and then create a ticket with details of the message received.

We understand the concern that direct contact like this can cause, however we do not currently have any evidence that this could increase your risk.

Rackspace stated that customers can spot fraudsters attempting to steal sensitive information.

  • Rackspace emails will come from email addresses (although hackers might use a fake address to redirect their victims to a landing page phishing page).
  • Rackspace support won’t ask for login credentials, personal information, such as social security numbers, drivers licenses, during telephone calls

Although the company has yet to disclose if there is any evidence of the hackers stealing data during the breach, the customers were advised not to lose sight and to monitor their bank statements and credit reports for suspicious activity.

Customers are reporting an in Phishing Emails , since .

Rackspace ransomware attacks and outage victims should avoid opening suspicious emails attachments and clicking on any links.

There are no details about the identity or activity of attackers during the breach.

Rackspace did not provide details about the identity of the attackers or what data they were able to access during the incident, if at all. It confirmed that the ransomware attack was behind the Hosted Exchange outage.

It did however state that its investigation was being conducted by an internal security team and a cyber defense company. There is no information on what data, if any.

Cloud service provider said it will notify customers in the event of evidence that threat actors have gained access to sensitive information.

The company also revealed in and <a href=",to%20the%20incident." Rel="nofollow Noopener" target="_blank]a 8-K Report filed to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday revealed that the company expects a decrease in revenue from its Hosted Exchange business, which is responsible for approximately $30 million annually due to ransomware attacks.

Rackspace Technology also stated that Rackspace Technology could incur additional costs in response to an incident.

Rackspace also faces class-action because it failed to disclose the Hosted Exchange “security issue” was ransomware, its inability to protect customers’ data and the effect had upon their businesses.

Rackspace provided Microsoft Exchange Plan 1 licenses to affected customers on Friday, December 2nd. Also detailed information (in the ) regarding migrating from Microsoft 365 up until the problem is resolved.

You can also use it to forward all mail to a Hosted Exchange user automatically to an external address, as a temporary solution to the Microsoft 365 migration.