Vivaldi Version – Mastodon now integrated into browser sidebar

Today Vivaldi 5.5.6 was launched with the integration of a Mastodon client directly into the browser sidebar. This seamlessly integrates the social media platform’s growing popularity in the browser’s interface.

Vivaldi, a web browser that works across all platforms and was created by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner (ex-CEO of Opera Software).

This tool is for power users, who need multiple customization options to make their web browsers more personal.

The browser also features an extensive set of tools to protect user privacy such as an email client and translator, a calendar, contacts manager, mobile sync, screen capture tool, and a calendar.

Vivaldi was a strong supporter distributed social networks that are based on open standards. .

Vivaldi adds Mastodon support

Vivaldi’s incorporates Vivaldi’s Mastodon instance, “Vivaldi Social”, directly into the browser’s Sidebar.

Vivaldi’s Mastodon instance has over 11,000 users. It is directly integrated into the Federated Social Platform, which allows users to interact on any other instances.

Vivaldi Social is now easily accessible through the Panel. It can be added permanently to the Sidebar by users, and it will remain visible in a split screen-styled browser window.

Mastodon on Vivaldi’s sidebar


It is especially useful for Mastodon users, who do not want to miss any “toots”, (posts), since Mastodon does not have a search engine.

If users wish to add a Mastodon instance to the sidebar or create a custom Web Panel, it is possible.

Adding a custom Mastodon instance


Additional features

Vivaldi 5.6 introduces new usability features to emphasize the project’s emphasis on power users.

The first is ‘Tab Stacks’ which allows users to save groups of tabs to the tab bar. Vivaldi allows you to organize stacks in different ways, including accordion or two-row.

New Tab Stacks feature on Vivaldi 5.6


Version 5.6 also includes the inclusion of ‘’ as a default search engine option. search on the browser

(Vivaldi), a privacy-centric search engine that doesn’t track or display intrusive advertisements, offers personalization and other options.

The Settings page was redesigned for improved usability. It makes it easier to find options and features faster.

New Settings with search function


You can get the most recent Vivaldi version from this link for Windows and MacOS.