On the first day of Pwn2Own Toronto, Samsung Galaxy S22 was twice hacked

The 10th annual Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 hacking contest saw two participants attempt to hack the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone.

The zero-day exploit was first successfully discovered by the STAR Labs team. They executed their incorrect input validation attack in their third attempt and earned $50,000 and 5 Master of Pwn Points.

Chim also attacking the Samsung Galaxy S22. He was able execute an incorrect input validation attack and earned $25,000 (50% of the first round prize) as well as 5 Master of Pwn Points.

that the first target winner will be awarded the cash prize and all the tested devices.

All other winners of each prize package will be awarded 50% of their prizes for the second and subsequent rounds. However, the winner of the first round will earn all Master of Pwn points.

The contest rules stipulate that in each case, Galaxy S22 phones ran the most recent version of Android with all updates.

Contestants also demonstrated exploits that targeted zero-day bugs in routers and printers of multiple vendors including Canon, Mikrotik and NETGEAR as well as Lexmark and Synology.

Four days of contest

At security experts can identify mobile phones and home automation hubs as well as printers and wireless routers. They also have network-attached storage and smart speakers.

You could win cash prizes up to $200,000 to hack the Google Pixel 6 or Apple iPhone 13 phones.

Hacking Apple and Google devices can also result in $50,000 bonus if exploits are executed with kernel-level privilege. This increases the total award to $250,000 for an exploit chain that includes kernel-level access.

After 26 contestants and teams registered to exploit the 66 targets in all categories, Pwn2Own Toronto has extended its consumer-focused event to 4 days.

has the complete schedule for the contest. .

Hackers from vulnerability research company Interrupt Labs will test the Samsung Galaxy S22 on the second day.